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Ava's Blog

Posted: Tuesday, September 22, 2015

what I think about kidblog, By Ava on Sep 15, 2015

I love kid blog because I like to talk to my friends.And I like to tell story's .And I love taping the buttons.And I love talking to teachers they are nice to talk to.I like to coment every body .


if I were principal, By Ava on Sep 10, 2015

If I was principal for a day I would let 2nd grade do mathmagician to learn some more and to help them get ready for 3rd grade .And I would let every grade would have a pet day .I would make a chart for the teachers and who ever has the most stars they would get a prize for the class room .to earn stars you must be a good teacher. I would look at every class to see if the teachers were being good.