Jen Brown

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Science & Art Camp 2017

Posted: Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Cadillac Area Public Schools elementary teachers that LOVE science provided a great camp for students in August.  The program, in it's second year, provided some unique new activities that foster confidence and inspire a love of learning through engagement and action in the scientific process.  Some art exploration was added this year.  The camp has been a great way for students to grow and learn while having fun.

CAPS Teachers are the BEST! 

Mrs. Gussert: " It is fun to watch our students think things through and take science to a different level.  They approach the tasks appropriately and process their results.  I believe as adults we underestimate the capability of children.  I thoroughly enjoy watching them work through the process to a conclusion.  I find they teach me something new every day."  

"I find great joy in the process of discovery that I observe while teaching science to our students.  The time they invest in the process, the discovery, that "aha" moment where the experiment begins to take shape and make sense to them.  

"Science helps them understand that making a mistake is okay.  It brings them back to the process that led them to the conclusion and helps them through a series of trials and errors to reach a logical conclusion."


Mr. Helsel:  "I love teaching science as the kids just get so excited about the material. You can see them using the information that is taught to explain real world events and that makes it pretty special."  

"I look forward to getting to interact with science minded kids from different schools (at camp) and seeing them grow and interact with each other.  I also look forward to seeing some of my former students who have moved up grades and getting a chance to interact with them some more."