Jen Brown

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Backpacks bring smiles!

Posted: Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Back to school supplies can be a true challenge for many families.  This year, that got a little easier for 20 families thanks to the generosity of Huntington Bank.  A community leader approached Kenwood Elementary School Principal, Mrs. Kelly Buckmaster in August and said he had received a message from a friend wondering if he had any ideas of a school who would be in need of a "back to school" donation project they had done as a staff at Huntington Bank.  The Community Leader, Mr. Bill Rezepka and his wife (a former teacher) have mentored at Kenwood and have family members that attend the school, so he decided to contact Mrs. Buckmaster about this idea.  As you can imagine, Mrs. Buckmaster was very happy to hear that 20 families would have some help getting their students ready. 
Ms. Lauren Golba of Huntington Bank made the delivery to a very happy principal.
When it came time to get the backpacks to students, Kenwood Elementary Counselor, Mrs. Emily Bender communicated with teachers that backpacks had been provided.  She contacted some parents that she knew could use the help.  The Kenwood staff let Mrs. Bender know when a child came the first day without a backpack.  This team approach by the Kenwood staff made back to school a happier occasion for students that may not have had such a great start to the new school year.  Thank you Huntington Bank for partnering with Cadillac Schools to help students with a great start to a new school year.