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Robotics competitors work out the details

Posted: Friday, February 12, 2016

Contributor:  Joshua Jacobson

January 9th:  After an awesome kickoff to FIRST robotics on January 9th, Cadillac Connectors (Cadillac High School’s own robotics team)  got ready to build. Team #5086 is making robots for the third year in a row, and they cannot wait to start building the robot. “We are currently in the process of making field elements from this year’s game, reading over the manual, and finalizing our robot design”, said sophomore Andrew Peters. This year’s game, called FIRST stronghold, features many complicated obstacles and point scoring challenges. (You can watch the game trailer at The Cadillac Connectors are mentored by a variety of Teachers and parents, and has around twenty-three kids signed up. If you are interested in more information about their group, be sure to stop by to see daily updates, sponsor information, and info to join the team. Keep an eye out for April 7-9, when the Cadillac Connectors will be competing in Traverse City!

February 2016: One month ago, FIRST Robotics dropped a series of informative videos about the 2016 Season game. The Cadillac Connectors (Cadillac’s High School Robotics team) were ready. We gathered in Mr. Whipple’s room for a few hours, and planned out our design and approach for this year's game, FIRST Stronghold. In the following weeks, we built and coded our robot, and are preparing right now to go to competition. Everyone that has been here has learned many STEM ideas and critical thinking strategies. This year’s robot consists of tank treads for movement, and a mobile arm for firing foam balls. We are very proud of our work on our robot, and it’s intricate design. If you would like to keep up with our progress and robot building, head over to . We hope to do well at our first competition in Howell on April 2nd.