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Teachers Commit to Learning over the Summer

Posted: Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Teachers are lifelong learners themselves and spend the precious summer months working on their craft in order to peak student curiosity in the classroom and inspire students to learn.

Nearly 30 principals and educators worked together to review a new teaching and learning framework in August. By developing an understanding of the important shifts in teaching, educators will be better prepared to support students. More than 60 educators also participated in a full day of training to support collaboration and implementing effective learning communities.

Superintendent Jennifer Brown said the purpose of the training was to assist educators in understanding a new vision of teaching and learning and to develop supports as CAPS moves in this new direction.

Since October 2014, CAPS has been planning a multi-year training program.

The training program supports the Marzano teaching and learning framework. The Marzano teaching and learning framework provides administrators and teachers with research-based learning strategies that accelerate learning.

The all-day learning session was one of many training programs CAPS educators participated in over the summer. Teachers have participated in weeks of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math at the elementary and high school levels. In addition, teachers at the middle levels have also completed extensive training in literacy instruction. Others have spent time taking classes, attending conferences on behavior management, literacy, digital writing and more.

15 teachers and 2 counselors joined the ranks of Cadillac Area Public School team and underwent a two day orientation in preparation for their students at CAPS.  Instilling pride in being a part of the CAPS family was part of the two day orientation.  District leaders from the Board of Education, Building Administration, Curriculum and Technology, and the Chamber Young Professionals were a few of the speakers that participated in the two day event.  We are excited that our "new" hires bring over 50 years of educational experience to the team and are ready to impact knowledge and inspire our students.

CAPS is ready for student on September 8th and the team is exciting about the opportunity to engage students in critical thinking, problem solving and creative expression.