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Youth Advisory Committee

Posted: Thursday, January 28, 2016

Contributor:  Shaina Squires, Principal, Cadillac High School

Cadillac's Youth Advisory Committee (YAC) to the Cadillac Area Community Foundation has been staying busy lately. This committee is made up of forty students and four advisors from the Cadillac area with a focus to serve the youth interests of the Cadillac community. The group has many projects in the works including getting books from the recent book drive to CAPS elementary schools to help support kids reading at the elementary level. They are also coming up with ideas to revive the old CASA field facilities as well as promoting youth health in our community by donating to the local YMCA.

The mission of YAC is to create awareness and give back to Cadillac, to this end, one of their committees is putting together a two day simulation of a runaway teens life on the streets, which is scheduled to take place this summer.

If you are interested in supporting Youth Advisory Commitee of the Cadillac Area Community Founday and the work they are doing to help create a better Cadillac, please consider participating in one of our upcoming fundraisers:


Culver's Celebrity server night on March 24th proceeds going to the runaway fund


Upcoming blood drive is scheduled to support the MacKale McGuire family.  Watch for this date to be announced.