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Celebrating Mr. Weidner's Contributions to CAPS

Posted: Thursday, January 14, 2016


Mr. Craig Weidner began his commitment to strengthen children of the greater Cadillac Area in 1984 as a board trustee.  Craig, a Cadillac High School Alumnus, is the longest recorded Board of Education Member.  He represented Cadillac Area Public Schools consecutively for 31 years serving as a trustee and Board President.  Weidner served his community as the Board of Education President  from 1986-2014.  His commitment as a volunteer included  approximately 372 scheduled regular board meetings, hours of committee work, special board meetings and community events.

Craig served with four superintendents during his time on the Board of Education and was instrumental in the hiring of three superintendents.  The years have been marked by triumph and tragedy, good times and tough times.  Through his leadership, the Board has remained committed to Excellence in Academics, Arts and Athletics.  There have been Millage Campaigns, Bond Campaigns, state mandates, opening of buildings, closing of buildings, consolidation of services and, at times, controversy.   Craig worked with countless volunteers over the years to advance Cadillac Area Public Schools’ mission:  To provide a high quality education for each of our students.

Craig has always served as an advocate for children frequently asking the question.  “What is best for kids?”    His dedication and persistence aided in projects that supported the academic, social and emotional needs of children.  He volunteered his time to serve on many local committees and boards  to represent the interests of CAPS and our students.  On any given evening, you may find Craig at a sporting event, committee meeting, board meeting, concert or performance.  Through it all, Weidner remained  committed  to providing a high quality education for Cadillac’s students.  Craig Weidner, a champion for children and families, will be missed but the legacy of his work will live on.