Jen Brown

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At CAPS, Giving feels GREAT!

Posted: Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Cadillac Area Public Schools provides support in many ways to students and families that need a little help.  People helping people is the best way to describe the rally cries for support as each school building collects food and other items.  Some of the organizations that benefit from staff, student and family generosity are the Back Pack Program, Local Food Pantries, The Sheperds Tables, Toys for Tots,  and Project Christmas.  Students spend time supporting activites at the Cadillac Senior Center and local assited living facilities by serving meals, playing games and spending time with senior citizens in our community.  CAPS students consist of both donors and recipients as these local programs meet the needs of many in our community.  The generosity and support of our community and CAPS families provides so much to so many this time of year.  For this we are thankful.

More than just teaching students:  Cadillac Teachers give to their students by providing a great education.  Beyond that, they contribute so much more.  Cadillac teachers have a student fund whereby they help students in need.  They provide necessities like glasses and shoes. Throught this fund teachers participate in coats for kids, donate money to families in need and donate to local charities like The After 26 Project and the Backpack Program.  Last school year the teachers of Cadillac Area Public Schools donated $400 to the backpack program during the matching grant month.   This along with many out of pocket expenses that make their classrooms exciting and inviting.