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Lady Vikings DIG PINK

Posted: Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Each year the Cadillac Viking Volleyball Team contributes their champion talent to the fight against Breast Cancer with Dig Pink.

In the Dig Pink match of 2016 the Lady Vikings received a commitment of $13,200.00.  $1,000 will be donated to the Side-Out Foundation to support Cancer Research and the rest will go directly Munson Cadillac Hospital for programs locally.  This year Dig Pink nearly doubled the efforts of last year.  In 2014 the team raised a total of $7248.20.

2009 was the first year the Cadillac High School Volleyball Team devoted a home game to raise funds to support the treatment of Breast Cancer.  In their first ever event the Lady Vikings raised $2,012 and donated 100% directly to the Sideout Foundation.

Beginning in 2010 the team earmarked $1000 of proceeds each year for the Sideout Foundation and the remaining amount is donated to our local hospital.  (Munson Cadillac Hospital formerly Mercy Hospital, Cadillac).

Since 2009 and not including this year's match, the Cadillac Viking Volleyball teams have raised $26,690.00 for Breast Cancer with the majority of these funds remaining in our community.

Congratulations Coach Michelle Brines and the cumulative success of the Cadillac Viking Volleyball Teams through the years.

About the Side-Out Foundation:

Side-Out uses the power and teamwork of the volleyball community to beat cancer. Side-Out has started a powerful movement within the volleyball community. Each year, tens of thousands of volleyball players, coaches and families across the country join together to participate in Side-Out programs. Together, they support the development of treatments that are giving stage 4 breast cancer patients more quality time with their families and getting them closer to the day we find a cure.

The Mission of the Side-Out Foundation:

The Side-Out Foundation, founder of Dig Pink®, teams with the volleyball community to inspire science and hope in the "match" against breast cancer.