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Joe Meier's summer vacation

Posted: Thursday, November 12, 2015

Joseph Meier, currently a senior at Cadillac High School, made a decision to  join the Army Reserve in the middle of his Junior Year of high school.  When asked what motivated his decision to enlist, Joe shared that he considered it after speaking with an Army recruiter at College Night in the fall of 2014.  He shared that he did a vast amount of research and his final determination came when he watched a news program that highlighted the infiltration of terrorism inside of U.S.. borders.  He felt the call to serve his country.

What is unique about Joe's story is that all of this transpired in Joe's Junior year of high school.  From the date of his enlisting, in January of 2015 to the weekend that he commits to service each month Joe began a disciplined sacrifice for his country.

For about eleven weeks in the summer of 2015 Joe spent his days in over 100 degree weather participating in Basic Combat Training at Fort Sill Army Base in Oklahoma.  As a three sport athlete competing in Football, Ski Racing and Track and Field, Joe shared that the experience of "Basic" wasn't necessarily difficult yet it was rigorous.  He said that there were certainly difficult exercises, but he took them in stride through perseverance. 

As the phases of training transitioned from Red to White to Blue,  Joe was identified as a leader and asked to assist in guiding the platoon as they participated in various training activities.  Joe was marked as a leader throughout "Basic" and this provided additional responsibilities through his 11 week experience.  

Basic Combat Training is the first step in Joe's six year commitment to the Army reserves.  He will attend an extensive training as a Petroleum Specialist this summer and continue to servce one weekend per month through college.  Joe plans to attend college next fall and is considering Ferris State University or Central Michigan University.  Each are close enough for the commute to his Battle Creek Army Reserve Base.

In remembering the "most intense portion of training" Joe shared that reciting the Soldiers Creed while ensconsed in the gas chamber was very challenging and also preparing for inspections by U.S. Army Officers.  

Joe's family was able to attend his graduation from Basic Combat Training, he had a couple of days siteseeing in Oklahoma City and then returned just in time to begin his Senior Year at CHS.