Jen Brown

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Clean, Prepped & Ready

Posted: Monday, August 31, 2015

All hands on deck for a great start means deep cleaning, paint, carpet, maintenance projects and lots of hard labor.  All Cadillac Schools and facilities benefited from a deep cleaning this past summer.  Utilizing cleaning teams every square inch of the District has been disinfected, polished and ready for the return of staff and students.  The sticky task of removing gum from the front entrances of all the buildings was completed this summer.  Along with school buildings,  Camp Torenta is also a weekly project for the cleaning crew. Cadillac Area YMCA camp, football camp, band camp, and cross country along with preparing the facility for weekend renters keeps the teams focused all summer. The Enviroclean team has completed all cleaning projects as well as replaced ceiling tiles and special projects that add to a safe and clean learning environment.  With the new school year starting, Enviroclean has set high standards to make this the best year ever.

The District’s Facilities Team has been committed to some major projects and basic maintenance and repair.  Classroom re-purposing, paint, carpet, concrete walks, loading docks, and fresh mulch for elementary playgrounds are a few of the biggest projects that matter when preparing for the first day of school.  Summer beautification keeps the grounds crew maintaining over two hundred acres  weekly along with landscape, trim and weeding.
Community Schools relies on CAPS Facilities Department heavily by  providing support with tables, chairs and other equipment around the community.
The Transportation department is ready with bus routes and bus maintenance completed.  Safety training and other preparation is part of the summer commitment to transporting Cadillac School Children each day. Drivers have run through routes and anticipate a smooth start to the new year eager to welcome students and provide safe routes to and from school.