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Logan's Palate Project

Posted: Thursday, December 17, 2015

Contributor:  Mrs. Huff, Mackinaw Trail Middle School

The leadership classes at Mackinaw Trail Middle School make projects and sell them in the MTMS school store.  Last year was our first year of doing this. We are hoping that we will make enough in profits this year to make a donation at the end of the year to a local charitable organization.

We talked about projects to work on in our leadership class.  This was one we looked at but agreed that it might be something we would not take on in class because of the size of it.  Logan, a member of the class, went home and built it himself!  




Logan's Mom took a moment to share his enthusiasm.

"Good Morning Ms. Huff,

Logan absolutely loves your class. He comes home excited about new ideas all the time. He wanted me to send you his pallet project picture."