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Candy & Connections

Posted: Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Contributor:  Mrs. Rita Marczak, Third Grade, Franklin Elementary

Our students completed a cool activity and lesson this fall called Candy and Connections.

Students listened to the story, Spaghetti in a Hot dog Bun, by Maria Desmondy. This book is about a girl who brings spaghetti on a hot dog bun to eat for lunch. She gets teased for it and then a bully continues to tease her about her hair and other things.  In the end she has the opportunity to help the bully out of a difficult situation and does. The bully then becomes her friend.

The objective of our lesson was not about being bullied but to introduce a very complex vocabulary word:  DIVERSITY.  The lesson offered my students the opportunity to learn about how we are alike and different but still shared a common bond of being part of our school community.

The  students will again be learning more about the word "Diversity" as part of an upcoming social studies lesson. The first lesson and introduction of the new vocabulary word allowed students to hear the word with the story that provided an example that they could understand.  

Students understood that they would participate in an activity to compare and contrast themselves with a classmate.  The students then went back to their seats and worked on labeling and illustrating a page called, Classmate Connection. After they finished, they received a piece of candy.  They then searched their classmates to find another student who had the matching piece of candy.  Partners found a quiet area and shared their responses from the Classmate Connection paper  to see if there is something they have in common and something that makes them different. Students made their own Venn Diagram of likes and differences. The entire class then completed a walking tour of our finished work. Students thought it was so cool.