Jen Brown

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Mrs. Nichols Shares

Posted: Friday, December 16, 2016

Beloved retired choir teacher Mrs. Judy Nichols  shared her mission and vision for a better community through volunteering and citizenship with the students of Mackinaw Trail Middle School.

This school year's  building theme Pillars of Character:  So far the months have consisted of  Respect and Responsibility. November was devoted to Citizenship.

Mrs. Nichols was invited to address the students because of her commitment to citizenship and character.

She shared stories about her personal journey and made it very  relate-able to the students.   She discussed volunteerism and the importance of being an active community member.  Many have been inspired by Mrs. Nichols as a teacher, co-worker, or fellow volunteer.  During her entire presentation to over 450 students, the gym was silent as she had the school's full 


The students participated as she played the piano and led them in the Star Spangled Banner.  

Thank you Mrs. Nichols, you are an amazing person.