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Riley Reagan's Dream

Posted: Saturday, October 01, 2016

Hi, I’m Rylie Reagan and I have had the most amazing summer.  It all started last December when I got a call from my aunt saying there is this thing in Detroit where I could audition to be on Disney. So I went and there were 1200 people.  My heart was racing.  They called us in groups of 40.  My group was third.  I was given a few lines of a scene, then I was told to memorize it. I couldn’t do that! I was way too nervous.  So I was called up and I had to work with the President of the company itself!  I got through the first round of intensity.  Later on that day, from 1200 kids, it was narrowed down to only 75 kids.
The next day I had to come back and do the same thing I did yesterday.  Only, this time there was only 20 people per group and my script was different.  I once again got up and performed.  If you stuttered or missed your cue, you’re out.  I was called back to talk to some staff to have plans to go to this camp.  It was called Premiere.  The President of Premiere talked to me, and offered me Level 5.  Now, there were only 5 levels and he thought I was good enough for the best level!  I was extremely honored!
Now, from December to July, I was given skype lessons from an acting coach and 7 pieces to perform.  A one-liner, which was sort of a comedic punch line, 2 monologues which are pieces I do alone, 2 scenes with a coach and 2 commercials.  A LOT to memorize!
Now summer comes along and it was mid-July.  I was in Florida excited as I could be for Premiere.  The first day I got the amazing chance to work with celebrities!  In the morning I worked with Hayden Byerly from “The Fosters”.
Anyways, I did one scene practicing with Hayden, and I got great feedback!  Next, I did one of my commercials with Paris Berelc from “Lab Rats Elite Force” and “Mighty Med”!  She gave me great feedback and a hug.  Lastly, I did my one-liner with Debby Ryan from “Jessie”.  I was so excited to meet her!  She also gave me good feedback.  With each celeb’s feedback, I got a signed picture of them.  I loved that day!
For the next few days we practiced with coaches in front of our groups.  It was fun and I made new friends.  The third night, there was a dance party!  A bunch of my friends and I boogied until Midnight.  I almost lost my voice the next day though. 
The last 2 days were nerve wracking.  We were performing in front of industry agents, managers, and more.  If someone wanted to work with you they would write your name down for a callback. I think I did pretty well overall, and I had tons of fun doing it.
The last night before revealing your callbacks the next day, there was an award ceremony for the most callbacks.  They started with the top ten,  10, 9, 8, 7, Rylie Reagan, 5, 4….  When they called my name I shot up out of my seat and walked onstage.  My heart was racing, and I was honored to be on that stage.  I got this beautiful star-shaped award made out of glass.  It was so cool!  The next day I found out I had 9 callbacks.  I was in shock.  I met each industry professional one at a time and we got to know each other a bit more.
We came back to Cadillac and narrowed our choices of a manager to 2 people, one in LA and the other in New York.  We ended up choosing the one I have now, which is in LA.  We liked him a lot and I was impressed by his honesty.  Mid-August, my mom, my brother, and I all got on a 5 hour flight to Los Angeles.  I was scheduled for 3 meetings with some of the top agents in the country.  But first, I had to have a meeting with my manager, since I hadn’t seen him in a few weeks.  He gave me some tips on how to act at auditions and he also said he’d like me to look 10, not 12 going on 21 in a romper and heels. That was the honesty I needed.
I went to my first meeting, and I could tell I liked this guy.  He actually loved that I could Irish Dance.  Anyways, we got to know each other for about 20 minutes, then my mom got to come in.  He said I did a great job.  I liked him and I could tell he liked me back.  Within one hour my manager called and said that this agency wanted me!  I was so excited.
The next day I went to my second meeting and this guy wasn’t the nicest.  He demanded me a few times and cut me off mid-sentence.  The time we got to talk wasn’t even 2 minutes long.  I decided I didn’t like him very well.  He was very arrogant, let me add.
With the difference in both of the agents, I decided to go with the first agent and I am so happy with my choice.   I also got my LA acting coach when I was there and had a chance to work with her.  We go back to LA in October and then again in January. Things have been hectic but I’m glad I’m doing what I love to do.
And that was the most amazing summer of my life…..
UPDATE:  Riley’s visit to LA in October has set the stage for great things in January 2017 when she moves to LA to continue to pursue her dream.