Jen Brown

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Ready for a 21st Century Start

Posted: Tuesday, September 01, 2015

The technology department works relentlessly over the summer to manage technology in nine buildings and over 175 classrooms to ensure that technology is in place and functioning in a way that enhances teaching and learning.  Technology Director, Brian Mayle has had his team focused every minute of this summer on a very long list of details to have staff and student computer workstations ready for fall.  Each summer Cadillac Area Public School’s Technology team makes the most of every day as the technology tools in the district receive yearly maintenance and review.  Ongoing each year is maintenance of the district servers – these elements are relied upon by staff, students and parents every day.  The team spends hours focused on cleaning 100% of all computer equipment throughout the entire district.  This year the crew added 12 new full audio/visual solutions to classrooms throughout the district.  The team will work with new staff to set up work stations and provide some training on specific equipment.  The district has gone exclusively to flat screen monitors which provide better space management and more energy efficiency.  The Administrative Leadership Team each have new laptops for this year, a planned replacement that bring obsolete technology to current standards.   There were improvements made to the wireless infrastructure, including enhancements to the public wireless access provided to guests and students at Cadillac Area Public Schools so that CAPS is better prepared to meet the needs of the 21st Century students and teachers. In addition, two labs were replaced with updated technology and a mobile lab was added at the secondary complex to increase accessibility.